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In spite of Meera telling Kabir that her hotel (built in the style of an English country manor) is vacant, without batting an eye he chooses to stay! She also mentions that she is married to an ailing Jaidev (Gurmeet Choudhary), who is bed-ridden and so she looks after his sinking business. Kabir’s growing infatuation for the mysterious Meera is however interrupted by supernatural occurrences in the spooky hotel that leads the writer to dig deeper. What makes Meera the forbidden fruit, beyond the fact that she is married?

Ali Fazal and Sapna Pabbi are decent and their love track is bearable as Arijit Singh lends soul to the songs, but that’s about it. The horror track fails miserably, comprising standard scares, over-stretched climax, formulaic ‘dark secrets’ and a cliched story which has 1920 franchise’s hangover.

If you find flying objects, animated butterflies, erotic dreams and the sight of letters being deleted automatically from a word document on a laptop scary, you deserve to watch Khamoshiyan alone and be disowned by friends and family all your life, like its protagonist.

We can forgive the genre lacking logic as long as it induces some fear in your mind. And that cannot possibly be achieved by showing an evil spirit making a Diwali exit. (The ‘boori aatma’ takes the form of a burning flame with a human face on it and sets off into the sky like a rocket!) Besides, the Bhatts should stop showing ghosts defying gravity by scaling vertical walls like Spiderman. The film also tries to be sci-fi, as it has a ‘portal’ in it.

Finally, you nod in affirmative to Ali Fazal’s reaction when the mystery is unveiled. “What nonsense is this!” says he. You want to tell him, “Thank you for summing up the film for us. You checked into that creepy hotel remember?”

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Aimless, heartbroken and uninspired, novelist Kabir (Ali Fazal) sets off on a soul searching journey, hoping to find a purpose in life. He finds solace in damsel-in- distress Meera (Sapna Pabbi), who runs a deserted hotel. He believes she is the reason, he could start afresh. But things are not like they seem.

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