Kismet, Love, Paisa, Dilli

Review :-

This one’s no ‘stand-up’ comedy. Neither will any part of you feel like giving it a standing ovation. This is as much of a dhoka, as the slang version of KLPD actually suggests. It is a string of episodes, part slap-stick, part-ridiculous, part comedy (the smallest part, of course) that all happens in one long night. It starts right here.

At a fashion show called En’gay’ged 377 (corny!) hosted by legendary ‘man-eater’, Rohit Pichwadia (hinting at some back-door activity, if you didn’t get it), where Lucky ( Vivek Oberoi) lands up to help his buddy shoot the event. He ends up spiking drinks by peeing into it (say it… yucks!), and falling for Lovina (Mallika Sherawat). He follows her into the night, where one by one the nocturnal crazy creatures crawl out, trapping Lucky in a web of madcap situations and silly shenanigans. He is on-the-run, and everyone is out to get him (laid too).

There’s a group of local Jat-goons headed by Kaptaan(Ashutosh Rana), clueless cops, and sons of sardars doing their usual band-baaja-bhangra. There are more samples coming up – A Bakery boy, Nunna (read: small-size, getit?) who bites off people’s ears with a vengeance (how ‘Twilight‘!), and a confusing ‘quickie’ by a character called Aarti Utaru (say Hi to Neha Dhupia).

With a Haryanvi accent, and lingo that includes tapori words like tota, maal, chhatri Vivek tries hard to make this a legit laugh-a-thon. But with excessive toilet humour, and a script that leaves no scope for anything but that, he can’t keep going for too long.

Mallika Sherawat, plays Lucky’s raat-ki-hamsafar (hums a few songs and suffers through the rest of the night). In this mediocre melange, Ashutosh Rana rises a notch above the rest, but adds no highs anyway. ‘KLPD’ is not a patch on director Sanjay Khanduri’s first film, ‘Ek Chalis Ki Last Local’. In fact, this one goes totally off-track.

If you are sex (comedy)-starved, this one won’t do much for your appetite.

Story :-

‘Lucky’ boy catches the last metro only to realize he’s making all the wrong stops. What follows is a bizarre night of misadventures.

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