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Light Life at 4am

Darker the souls, Deeper the thoughts.
Darker the night it shows more blue sides.
And when death speaks the language of mind, it becomes way too beautiful to feel the essence of dark deep pages.

The story will take you in a different world,
where words are hard to get but feelings connect.
Where the soul is pure and death is beautiful.
Where dream is dark and love is passionate
and every night, it dances on the beats of terror and fear.

Fear is a language, I love the most.
It takes me to the place where my dream killed myself and cried on my grave.
The broken shard of mirror tells a secret which everyone wants to know but failed because
It is a conversation of midnight diaries,
awaken to celebrate the glory of deep thoughts, one holds it in their heart,
which will open only at 4 AM.

Author: Aashal Rai

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