Mere Haule Dost

Review :-

Set in Hyderabad, Mere Haule Dost revolves around the daily lives of five laidback youngsters who are perpetually broke. The film begins with Bheja sharing stories of his past girlfriends with his fiance. That’s how we are transported to his college days, where we meet his haule (slow or dim-witted, we suppose) friends. They are called Bong, Dada, Paisa, Mota, etc., who will have to overcome their respective problems to make it to the rally.

The film aspires to be a light-hearted, slice-of-life youth film with guy jokes and buddy chemistry. Unfortunately, none of that is achieved. The characters lack personality. They aren’t likeable enough to draw your attention to them or make you identify with them.

The film has no particular story to tell and we are fine with ‘nothing-ness’ as long as something keeps you amused. For almost two hours, you see uninteresting characters having insignificant conversations. The result is obviously uninspiring.

The script lacks situational humour and that’s the biggest drawback. When you crack private jokes with your buddies, it’s expected that others won’t get it, but they must at least sound funny! Nothing amuses you about the boys who paint fake burgers on the walls and try eating them or beg for pocket money from their ex-girlfriends.

College days, impromptu parties, bike rides, canteen conversations, secret crushes…in spite of incorporating it all in the film, not a single scene touches your heart or takes you down memory lane. The gang’s passion for bikes is barely visible. The boys seem more besotted with silly girls who
wear terrible make-up. A rock chick keeps forcing Bheja to listen to rock music. She ends up chewing your brains more than his.

The film is as purposeless as the characters in it. The title track of the film, where you see the friends taking off on their bikes to celebrate their freedom, is probably the only good thing about this amateurish film.

Story :-

Five unambitious friends plan on participating in the Himalayan bike rally for over a year. Do they make it happen?

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