Mumbai Can Dance Saalaa

Review :-

What do you make of a film which boasts of a song like, “Come I’ll kiss you, awesome mera chumma’? If that’s not off-putting enough, it features Rakhi Sawant, who scares the hell out of you with her Chucky (that scary doll from Child’s Play) looks. Hold your breath. Turns out, Rakhi is not the only ghastly aspect of this inconsequential film. You also have this potbellied ‘Dubai ka don’, whose entry is accompanied with his name reverberating in the background… badshah, badshah, badshah. He is supposed to be dangerous and so he dresses up like Mithun Chakraborty of Disco Dancer (gold pants et al).

Coming to Alia (Tarannum), her alleged crime-story gets side-tracked throughout. You end up seeing her affair with this random gangster Sameer (Prashant Narayanan) instead. A million songs and Shakti Kapoor’s bizarre cameo later, the film still heads nowhere.

Mumbai Can Dance Saalaa desperately works towards portraying Tarannum as a harmless victim. Never mind the intent, the execution is so unbearably silly that you don’t give a damn about Tarannum or her sob story. The film is so excruciatingly boring that it might change the opinion of those who were against the shutting down of dance bars.

Story :-

The film is a shoddy attempt to bring controversial bar dancer Tarannum Khan’s story to the big screen. It traces the rise and fall of Alia aka Tarannum (played by Ashima Sharma), starting with her arrest in a betting racket. She pleads innocent. We are then shown how circumstances get her tangled in the mess she finds herself in eventually.

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