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Chor Police anyone? We’ve all played the game. But here comes a new twisted tale to show us that there ain’t nothing like a good cop or bad cop. A cop is a cop. That sets the premise for this fast-paced police-drama, filled with bad boys and some good fellas.

Shetty (Prakash Raj) is Mumbai’s biggest bhai, owning several dance bars – a ‘hot-bed’ for other nefarious activities for his customers who are always ‘tight’. Abhijeet Patil (Sachiin Joshi) is a cocky, super cool (a tad bit stylish too) and an audaciously overconfident inspector; who shows absolutely no mercy for one burning issue – atyachar against women. Of course, along with the ‘khakee‘ comes some ‘grey’ too. He beds (one-night-stands), bets (on cricket matches) and snorts coke. On the other side, he hooks up with a pretty and pancaked TV crime reporter, Jiah ( Vimala Raman).

Adding more weight to this underbelly drama are characters like the unscrupulous CBI Officer, Yadav (Sudesh Berry) who ends every dialogue with ‘carrect me if I wrong?’; Patil’s boss-cum-mamuACP Gaitonde ( Mahesh Manjrekar), Manish ( Prashant Narayanan), another cop and Patil’s rival and Shetty’s sex-pot, Rani ( Gihana Khan), who also doubles up as his item girl.

Sachiin Joshi does a fairly good job of a cool cop with a chip on his shoulder. His bheja satkaoing whenever he sees a woman abused – relevant in today’s times. He slips into the character like a gun in a holster. However, what’s missing is a booming baritone that could pack more punch. Prakash Raj, in his silk lungis and hard lines like ‘jeeto toh rokda, warna Prem Chopra‘, adds humour with fear. Sudesh Berry strikes with his Bihari accent in a brief role. Aditya Pancholi tries to evoke fear, but doesn’t go far.

Ankush Bhatt’s slick flick grittily exposes the nexus between seedy cops and sleazy bars barons, albeit with a lot of Dabangg-isms. It has flaws in the first half, and also too many killings – random and ruthless. However, the second half sums up the suspense – blood soaked in tragic truths and raw realities.

It mirrors the ugly face of Mumbai, but one that’s desperately calling for a clean-up job.

Story :-

A powerful and corrupt dance bar-boss exploits the Mumbai cops to boost his sleazy business; but a daring inspector cracks down on his plans, exposing ‘rats’ amidst his own men-in-uniform.

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