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The storytelling is interesting and unconventional, hats off to the director for that. The film revolves around the lives of certain people, their needs and dilemmas. The setting is initially rural and then urban. From Bihar to Mumbai, over the years, people and their struggles, caste system in Indian society, the sexual exploitation of women, everything stays constant. But it’s your behaviour that makes the difference. A good deed never goes unnoticed by God.

As a result, a man who gives away a huge amount of money wins a lottery ticket later. An aspiring singer who dedicatedly does his riyaaz without expecting fame or money gets it all later while those who murder a man for money lose their only child. Even money can’t save him from dying.

The concept is noteworthy. The film does not get preachy in spite of being philosophical. The problem lies with the pace, editing and the amount of issues addressed. Untouchability, rape, casteism, social hierarchy, national integrity, harmony, karma, democracy, power of satyagraha, villagers being abused by the Thakurs…too many issues make the film go haywire a bit.

The ‘Karma’ message comes out strongly but the rest just makes the film longer. Mumbai’s 26/11 terror attack is another issue that is resurrected. That track could have been a different movie in itself. The Bihari-Maharastrian debate also gets touched upon. The editing should have been stronger as some scenes seem unnecessary. The filmmaker should have stuck to one issue, in order to engage the viewer.

Performances are really impressive. The ones that stand out are those of Yashpal Sharma, Anil Mange and Aditi Bhagwat.

Myoho is an emotional, philosophical film. If you don’t mind the excess of social issues, it’s worth watching.


Myoho is a film with a relevant social message and it does succeed in bringing that out in a novel way. It however, takes way too long to get to the point.

The film shuttles between the country’s past and present (1934 and 2008), as it is set in pre- and post-Independence India. The same actors play different characters, which are interestingly an extension of their past characters. To simplify things, it’s a bit like reincarnation with a twist.

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