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Aayesha’s maid Remy (Ashwini Kalsekar) who first discovers her dead body, alleged boyfriend Riaz, parents Rajesh and Aarti (Tisca Chopra), their doctor friends, absconding servant Chetan, his relative Sudhakar Mishra… Paraskar’s quest to unravel the mystery by interrogating these possible suspects forms the story.

Rahasya opens with a disclaimer stating it is fictitious. However, it doesn’t take you long to figure its alleged source of inspiration. Similarities and dissimilarities to a 2008 murder case aside, writer-director Manish Gupta manages to engage you in this complex web of lies, deceit, revenge and conspiracy. Without beating around the bush, he comes straight to the crime and its ramifications. Sufficient twists and turns manage to keep the story largely unpredictable. However, pacing disappoints a bit, especially for a whodunit murder mystery. Few motives don’t seem too convincing either. Also, the film relies heavily on Kay Kay’s Sherlock act.

Much to our relief, the seasoned actor holds the film together. His quirks, sharp performance coupled with a smirk, speak volumes and lend that much needed tension to the proceedings. “Heart is perfect, kabhi kabhi bheja ghoom jata hai”, he taunts a doctor sarcastically. In spite of appearing in almost every scene, he isn’t overbearing. However, we wish other characters had substantial role to play as well, as it gets a tad one-dimensional. Mita Vashisht in particular is wasted.

As far as execution is concerned, while the unhurried unfolding of mystery adds depth to the film, it also demands patience from the viewers, which may or may not work in its favour. Nonetheless, this tale of the ‘perfect crime’ will appeal to fans of the genre.

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When Aayesha (18) is found dead in the bedroom of her plush Mumbai residence, the cops suspect her father Dr Rajesh Mahajan (Ashish Vidyarthi) to be the culprit. However, CBI officer Sunil Paraskar (Kay Kay Menon) smells a rat. He feels there is more to this convoluted case than meets the eye. He begins his investigation, which puts his life and those involved on the line.

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