Siddhawat of Ujjain holds a special place for all hindu pilgrims. Post-funeral rites are performed here at the Siddhawat ghat of holy Shipra. Skanda Purana has referred to this place as Preta-shila-tirth. According to some opinion Parvati performed her penances here. This has also been a place of worship for the followers of Nath sect.

The enormous banyan tree on the banks of Kshipra, has been vested with the same religious sanctity and pinda danam as the Akashyavat in Prayag and Gaya, Vanshivat of Vrindavan and the Panchavata of Nasik. It is also a kalasarpa nivaran center like Nasik. The tree has a peripheral dependent zone with its social, religious and economic activities. Parvati is believed to have performed her penance here. Its present form is a Maratha contribution although Parma sculptures are embedded in the structure.

Shipra abounds in tortoises at Siddhawat. Old coins of Ujjain are found to bear the imprint of tortoises along the river. This is also indicative of the fact that the tortoises must have flourished here even in the ancient period. It is said that Banyan tree was once sought to be vanished by cutting it off and covering it with iron sheets but its offshoots pierced through the iron sheets and this tree regained its foliation.

Siddhavat is famous for pitra tarpan, During ramayan days Lord Ram came here for his father tarpan. Every month on Krishn Chaturdashi people came here to offer milk which is benificial if you have pitradosh.

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