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There are no ethics in the crime world except for one rule – kill to survive and deceive to rule. You don’t play this game. It plays you. A few assassins, working for a common mafia-drug lord, are tricked into taking up a dangerous deal that unfolds a murder mystery. Can they predict who’s calling the shots?

If you are a fan of film noir and a nonlinear narrative, Station will keep you on the edge of your seat. It is dark, gritty throughout as well as nerve-shatteringly tense in portions, especially towards the end. The complex plot falls into place like a jigsaw puzzle. The intention was to make a dark psychological thriller and the execution justifies the thought. The first-time actors are surprisingly natural on camera. The background score adds to the film’s eeriness.

What heightens your anticipation is how the characters keep double-crossing each other. The build-up is intense, resulting in the climax being the highlight of the film and the ‘waiting room’ sequence does deliver. However, it is not for the faint-hearted as the ‘fear of the unknown’ engulfs you.

But what spoils the fun is the director’s overindulgence in the scene. You lose your patience as it’s stretched for no reason. Also, in order to achieve ‘unpredictability’, the plot gets way too convoluted eventually.

Given the genre, the length and the pace are major issues. The film could have been way shorter as it drags in the second half. Also how can you not shoot a film on organised crime in Mumbai! It’s a major drawback. Makeup and outfits are too casual and refined to suit the setting.

Ideally, this concept could have worked better for a short film or a play. Nonetheless, watch it for the nonlinear narrative.

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A few assassins, criminal conspiracies, gang leader, gangster’s moll and a dangerous deal…the suspense of this whodunit thriller unfolds in the waiting room of a deserted railway station.

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