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Sandhya (Leeza Mangaldas), Roohi (Lezlie Tripathy) and Manu (Sonal Giani) are budding musicians who are looking forward to performing at a music concert. A few days before the event, like most city-bred youngsters, the girls let their hair down and dance the night away at a club.

They catch the eye of a few masked men, who then kidnap the girls and brutally rape them in order to punish their liberal sensibilities. They justify the act by blaming it on their provocative dressing. ‘It’s social work’ reasons bhaiji (Raaj Singh Arora) the mastermind behind the gang rape.

Bruised, battered and raped, the girls are left to die on a highway when a noble truck driver helps them. In spite of the humiliation and pain, the girls decide to fight back. Do they manage to seek revenge?

The filmmaker chooses a sensitive, hard-hitting issue like rape, but barring the rape scenes and explicit dialogues, fails to get the gravity of the situation right. While the actors act well, poor writing makes their characters look juvenile. In spite of knowing the rapist is not westernised, one of the girls appreciates his ‘good looks’ and explains to him in English, how she wouldn’t have minded going out with him willingly, had he sought her ‘permission’.

There is no emotional conflict in the story that provokes you to think or get inspired. Situations are written to convenience the protagonists’ quest for revenge. And they get it way too easy. The shallow treatment doesn’t live up to the topic addressed.

Story :-

The film intends to change our outlook towards rape. It sends out a message that girls, who fall prey to this heinous crime, must not consider themselves to be victims but fighters and survivors.

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