Ya Rab

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 The much revered maulana Jilani (Akhilendra Mishra) is actually a wicked man who brainwashes young boys, so they commit atrocities in the name of religion. For his own vested interest, he incites violence by convincing the fickle-minded youngsters into believing that they must kill in order to safeguard Islam.

Fighting Jilani’s beliefs is another staunch Muslim with a conflicting ideology – the righteous Dr Mazhar (Manzar Sehbai). He dares to expose the maulana and propagates the teachings of Islam. ATS officer Ranvijay Singh (Ajaz Khan) helps Dr Mazhar in countering terrorism in the name of jihad. Can they foil Jilani’s vicious terrorist plot and save the young couple Imran (Vikram Singh) and Amreen (Arjumman Mughal), who also get embroiled in the deadly situation?

Ya Rab is an honest attempt to debar stereotypes and the image of Islam based on false notions, reiterating that no religion expects you to harm others, let alone take innocent lives. However, we have seen films raising this issue in a more mature way before.

It may have started out as a noble intention, but the film’s execution is outdated and comes across as cliched. You have deafening music every time the villain makes an appearance and he (Akhilendra Mishra) screams at the top of his lungs to look evil. Newcomer Arjumman Mughal acts well. Ajaz Khan has a good screen presence, but exudes a rough demeanour, that’s more akin to a crook. The dialogues are way too dramatic, instead of hard-hitting. The linear storyline and overtly simplistic narrative may appeal to those who prefer the formulaic cinema of the 80s. Thus, the film might find appeal in mass audiences, which explains its style.

Story :

 The film seeks to explain the true meaning of Islam. It also serves as an eye-opener for those who resort to violence and get influenced by fundamentalism.

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