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Wake up to the new face of modern India. Governed by a 28-year Prime Minister, well-bred, free-thinking and fashionably good-looking in denims and designer wear. And a live-in hottie girlfriend as the First Lady. Howzaat? Read on.

Abhimanyu Kaul’s (Jackky) funky life of gaming, wild partying and romancing lady-love, Anwita (Neha), while living-in with her in Tokyo, comes to a shocking halt. His father (Boman), the powerful PM of India suddenly passes away, entrusting Abhi with the coveted seat to serve the nation. He can no longer live like an aam aadmi.

Overnight, his life is stripped off all normalcy and privacy. Tailor-made sherwanis, kurtas make way into his wardrobe, and a pack of men-in-black (read commandos) make way into his bedroom. ‘Parties’ have a whole new meaning and night-life means nashta with nefarious netas. Dinner dates with his gal is definitely more than a twosome, and his new circle boasts of political giants (so what if his buddies disappear from his hacked Facebook account! Sigh!).

His only trust-worthy man is Akbar uncle (Shaikh), the PA to the PM. His politically inappropriate personal life comes under scanner of the junta and media, but the couple refuses to budge from their love-nest to appease the politicos. Abhi is a master in the game of love, but will this Romeo be able to win the game of rajneeti too?

Afzal’s ‘Youngistaan’ at the core is an interesting idea, far-fetched, but refreshing. The love-story develops tenderly, but the political backdrop and ensuing drama is not crafted with clarity. The story suffers from uninspiring dialogues, with a stretched climax. It’s a well-intentioned drama which vibes with the current political scenario and upcoming elections (“mujhe vote dijeye ya na dijeye, lekin vote zaroor dijeya. Ek aapka haq hai.” Got it?)

Jackky shows sincerity and confidence, with a steady act in a tough role. Neha plays the pretty, exuberant girl-friend with flair. And finally, the superlative – Farooq Shaikh, enacting the last screen role of his life. As always, using his warmth and acting prowess to deliver a great performance (in spite of a poorly sketched role). The young generation will truly miss this performer par excellence. With a heavy heart…adaab, Farooksaab!

‘Youngistaan’ isn’t the perfect concoction of love and politics, but worth one ‘shot’!

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Loverboy Abhimanyu is suddenly uprooted from his easygoing existence and compelled to take over his father’s powerful seat as India’s youngest PM.

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