Zila Ghaziabad

Review :-

Body & Blood Count Warning: Enter ‘Zila Ghaziabad’ (the movie) at your own bullet-ridden risk. With bullet-proof jackets, reloaded ammo and ready-for-assault – of senses and sensibilities – at the rate of one gunshot every few minutes. Riddled with grotesque characteristics and cliches of most gang-banger films, the set-up is simple – a gaon full of goondas with golis and gaalis (added kohl-eyes and laal tikkas for that dreaded effect. Bachao!)a good cop, a bad cop and few good men. Add to that endless ensemble – unscrupulous politicians, perilous panchayats, chhamiyas in itsy-bitsy cholis and some maa-behens (no pun intended).

There’s a story too, hold onto your guns. Fauji (Arshad) is dreaded, ruthless and barbaric with his bandook, while Satbir (Vivek) is the ahimsa loving Masterji, the only angrezi speaking man with brainpower in this zila. Over politics, power and foul-play a gruesome gang-war breaks out; Satbir turns goonda-at-gun-point and everyone seeks bloody revenge. Inspector Pritam Singh (Dutt) makes a dramatic entry, throwing in some bone-cracking action and routine Dabanggisms. Phew! There’s more, but never mind.

Arshad’s first full-blown dark role lacks shades, but effort is evident. Sanjay shows cheeky chutzpah but doesn’t seem to care a damn. Vivek displays varied emotions but doesn’t quite bite-the-bullet. Paresh Rawal has little scope and Ravi Kissen is average.

Director Anand Kumar lets his story bleed profusely. His redundant revenge drama (inspired from real-life incidents in Ghaziabad) shows absolutely no challenge or purpose. ‘ZG’ could well belong to a bygone era, with only improvised gravity-defying action scenes in slow-mo and high decibel levels that’s exasperating (read: ear-plugs is a must-have). During gun-breaks – which is rare – Dutt throws in one-liners that make you gasp. All lead characters have one song each (gawd!!!), and lastly, for ‘mass’ effect there are two Ghaziabad ki ranis (read: items girls) to titillate meat-hungry gunmen!

Story :-

A lethal gang war breaks out in a lawless land where everyone, from commoner to cop is terrorized. There’s only one deadly police officer who can control the Gangs-of-Ghaziabad.

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