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मिलावटी मिठाइयों से सावधान !

Indore Dil Se - Artical

त्यौहार के दिनों मे बाज़ार में नक़ली मावे और पनीर से बनी मिठाइयों का कारोबार ज़ोर पकड़ लेता है. आए-दिन छापामारी की ख़बरें सुनने को मिलती हैं कि फ़लां जगह इतना नक़ली या मिलावटी मावा पकड़ा गया, फ़लां जगह इतना. इन मामलों में केस भी दर्ज होते हैं, गिरफ़्तारियां भी होती हैं और दोषियों को सज़ा भी होती है. इस …

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National Festivals

National Festivals National festivals are different from the others in that the state has formal celebrations. Popularly, they are treated more as occasions to get together. Children’s Day Gandhi Jayanti Independence Day Republic Day Teacher’s Day

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Hindu Festivals

It’s been said often enough that Hindus celebrate everything. So they do. The birth of gods, death of auras, victory of the gods, marriage of the gods, the new year, new months, full moons, new moons, harvests, birthdays, initiations, marriages, deaths, anniversaries – you name the event, and it is reason for music, dance, processions, and what have you. And …

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Muslim Festivals

Muslims in India observe all the Islamic festivals that are celebrated in other parts of the world. In addition to the festivals, the days commemorating shrines in India and death anniversaries of saints, are also observed with religious fervor. All the Muslim festivals and observances in India follow the Islamic calendar, which has fewer days than the solar year. Therefore, …

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Sikh Festivals

Guru Nanak Jayanti Guru Purab Holla Mohalla Lohri

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Christian Festivals

Christian festivals in the country have all the colour that is found in Indian celebrations. Christmas Easter Good Friday

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Buddhist Festivals

Buddhist festivals are centered more or less around events connected to the Buddha and the Bodhisattvas, the compassionate Buddhas who stay on the earth until everyone has been liberated. Buddha Purnima Buddhist Shrines Hemis Gompa Losar Ullambana

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General Festivals

India is a country where everyday there is a separate festival going on in some part of it. Boss Day Father’s Day Grandparents Day Mother’s Day Parents Day Valentine’s Day

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Jewish Festivals

The Jews or Jewish people represent an ethno religious group, whose ethnicity, nationality and religion are closely interlinked. The traditional faith of the Jewish nation is Judaism. There are 13.2 million Jews worldwide, according to the Jewish agency for Israel. While 5.4 million Jews are based in their homeland Israel, a thumping 5.3 million Jews are situated in the U.S. …

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Zoroastrian Festivals

The Zoroastrian, or Parsi, community is the smallest major religious group in India. They number about 100,000, and are concentrated overwhelmingly in Mumbai city and in the state of Gujarat. Gahambars Jamshed Navroz Khordad Sal Zarthost No Deeso

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