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Login is not about social networking. It’s not even about how internet has disconnected our lives. It’s about the hazards of using the internet carelessly.

Perpetually single, never been kissed geeky bachelor seeks a girlfriend online. He even finds her on the web but his happiness is short-lived. Her true identity forces him to face tragic consequences.

A bored housewife gets attracted to a long lost school friend, who she finds online as she suspects her busy husband to be having an affair with an office colleague. She jumps to this conclusion by peeping into his mobile messages.

A call centre employee finds himself in a tough situation as he is neck-deep in credit card debt. In an attempt to clear it all overnight, he takes to hacking and fraud.

The film tracks the parallel lives of these individuals and the ‘net’ mistakes of their lives.

Along with cyber crime, director Sanjeev Reddy’s film also looks into the loneliness that grips the lives of urbanites.

Reddy’s storytelling is interesting. The star cast is new but not naive when it comes to performance. The youngsters act well. Film is high on drama but also has just the right amount of comedy and suspense that keeps you hooked.

On the flip side, editing, dubbing lacks finesse. It could have been better. Cinematography is interesting but the camera moves around a bit too much in circular motion, which is not easy on the eyes.

Login is a youthful film. It’s however, not just for the young generation. It’s a film with a message.

Story :-

Login sends out a precautionary message to internet users. It addresses the cyber crime issue.

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