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84 Mahadeva Temples

There are 84 Gods of Ujjain, Chaurasi Mahadev (Shiva), out of them four are the dwarapalas of Mahakal. The four dwarapalas are Pingaleshwara (East), Kayavarohaneshwara (South), Vilveshwara (West) and Dardareshwara (North). 1. Agasteshwara Mahadeva 2. Gurihashwara Mahadeva 3. Dudeshwara Mahadeva 4. Damarukeshwara Mahadeva 5. Anadikalpeshwara Mahadeva 6. Swarnajaleshwara Mahadeva 7. Trivishtapeshwara Mahadeva 8. Kapaleshwara Mahadeva 9. Swargadareshwara Mahadeva 10. Karkoteshwara …

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Chintaman Ganesh Temple

The temple is built across the Shipra on the Fatehabad railway line. The Ganesh idol enshrined here is supposed to be swayambhu – born of itself. The temple itself is believed to be of considerable antiquity.The artistically carved pillars in the assembly hall date back to the Paramara period. Worshippers throng to this temple because the deity here is traditionally …

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