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Review : When circumstances push you way past your breaking point, can disobeying the law be justified? This conflict lies at the heart of this riveting docu-drama based on real events in Kanpur. Though it predominantly deals with something as serious as ‘electricity theft’, it never ceases to be a humane drama that is heartbreaking, yet funny at times. True …

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Celluloid Man

Review :- Having visited the ‘National Film Archive of India’ in Pune, as a mass-media/film appreciation student, I was one of the privileged few who got an opportunity to see rare footage from iconic classics made over 50 years ago! Scenes from India’s very first film ‘Raja Harischandra‘, a silent movie made by Dadasaheb Phalke in 1913 were also screened …

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Superman of Malegaon

Review :- SOM follows the adventures of a band of Malegaon men, led by local movie-maker Shaikh Nasir, producing a parody on Hollywood’s Superman. Malegaon lies 300 kilometres from Mumbai, its economy based on power looms worked by labourers upto 12 hours a day. These workers turn with delight to Hindi and Hollywood films, loving their fantasy and joy. Little …

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