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Review :- Lingesan (Vikram) is a bodybuilder from a small town in Tamil Nadu, who dreams of winning the Mr India title for bodybuilding. Besides dumbbells, his only other love is supermodel Diya (Amy Jackson). Life throws up a pleasant surprise to our sweet little simpleton. After winning the Mr Tamil Nadu contest for his perfect physique, he bags plum …

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Ebn – E – Batuta

Review :- Coming to the plot, the film has been loosely inspired by James Cameron’s Avatar. This just swaps the roles of humans and aliens. Here, the aliens want earth’s gravity, which is why they intend to conquer it, endangering the human species in the process. The superstitious humans on the contrary consider them to be ‘gods’ as they miraculously …

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Krrish 3

Review :- Evil doesn’t raise its ugly head anymore. It raises a finger. But then ‘Good’ flies too. In ‘Superhero’ form – Caped, masked, winged – with muscles of steel and hearts of gold. Our comic-book phirang fantasy boys have flown high as ‘Supermen’ in Hollywood epics for eons. In India, only one man with an audacious flight of imagination …

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Review :- Bollywood rarely enters the ‘science-fiction’ territory and when it does,the results have been mostly disastrous. Rajesh Bachchani takes the road less travelled and makes a film which pleasantly surprises you. Shreedhar Upadhyay (Hussain Kuwajerwala) is an ordinary accountant who is unhappy with his lower middle class status. He dreams of a better lifestyle for himself and his girlfriend …

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