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Kahaani 2

Indore Dil Se - Movies

REVIEW : This sequel directed by Sujoy Ghosh after a gap of four years is a whodunit that definitely serves up intrigue, but fails to keep a tight grip on proceedings throughout its duration. So unlike the first part, that hit the ground running and set a benchmark in the genre, this one lacks the shark-bite. But you do invest ...

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Review :- ‘Zid’ is nothing like we have never seen before – it’s a story of how love, lust and obsession can drive someone to crime and insanity. Of course, there are the usual suspects – like a love triangle, a cocky detective, some lame witnesses, and stormy nights (every time crime unfolds). Praise the heavens! Ronnie (Karanvir) a crime ...

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Review :- In Tamanchey, instead of a self-righteous boy serenading a vestal virgin, you have a bad boy romancing a bad girl. No explanations are offered on why Munna (Nikhil Dwivedi), a petty thief, is infatuated with drug peddler Babu (Richa Chadha) or why either of them is so drawn to a life of crime. But does this alone qualify ...

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Raja Natwarlal

Review : Raja Natwarlal is a golden-hearted con for it leaves you smiling at its tricks, despite obvious flaws. Raja (Emraan) and partner Raghav (Deepak) pull off small confidence tricks in an appealing Mumbai of clattering trains, fragrant Iranis and gleaming dance bars. Raja loves dancer Zia (Humaima) and is set to marry after he persuades Raghav to steal 80 ...

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Review : It’s raining fearless cops on the Bollywood marquee. Last week, it was Singham, who, in his khakis, returned to take the pants off corrupt politicians and god-men. And this week, it is Lady Singham or Shivani Shivaji Roy (Rani Mukerji), looking dapper, albeit briefly, in a police inspector’s uniform, who wreaks havoc in Pradeep Sarkar’s Mardaani. The film ...

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Hate Story 2

Review :- Hate Story 2 is a revenge drama on the lines of Rakesh Roshan’s Khoon Bhari Maang and Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill movies. What it lacks is an A-grade star cast. Also, this one is slightly more predictable in pattern. However, the doses of erotica added to the screenplay just to give it that gleeful taste work well. Sonika ...

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18.11…A code of secrecy

Review :- A Wednesday (2008) was about giving a stern warning to terrorists and the system that a common man’s resilience should not be taken for granted. This film draws inspiration from it and goes a step further as it offers an anti-bomb blast solution. The film has its heart in the right place but the execution is way too ...

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The X-pose

Review :- It’s the swinging ‘seX’ties’ (60s) – with an ‘Xtra’ ‘X’ factor. Larger-than- life superstars, bulging bosoms, sensual sins, high-riding hemlines, charisma galore and exciting extra-marital affairs. This is where ‘The X-pose’ unfolds. At a glittering after-awards party a top actress, Zara (Sonali), is found dead. “Murder” they said. “Who’s the suspect?” they quizzed. And the music of a ...

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Samrat & Co.

Review :- Samrat Tilakdhari aka STD (Rajeev Khandelwal) is the desi Sherlock Holmes, famous for his brilliant analytical mind and formidable martial abilities. Not one to offend his intelligence, he only takes up cases that are challenging enough. A deserted haveli in Shimla gives Samrat what he’s looking for – a daunting task to battle a villain, who may or ...

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Review :- There are no ethics in the crime world except for one rule – kill to survive and deceive to rule. You don’t play this game. It plays you. A few assassins, working for a common mafia-drug lord, are tricked into taking up a dangerous deal that unfolds a murder mystery. Can they predict who’s calling the shots? If ...

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